Site en cours de travaux...mise en ligne progressive d’une sélection d’images prises en numérique depuis 2008, et progressivement d'images argentiques (scans) prises de 1971 à 2006
The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera"
Dorothea Lange

To live on the border between inner space and outside environnement.

Born from russian parents in Paris in march1944, Iliona grew up in a cosmopolitan background and, after studying architecture at The Beaux Arts of Paris, chose a “passport profession”, as she used to call her job of photographer.

At first, from 1971 and during seven years, she was a freelance motorsport photographer for DPPI (motor press agency) and a news photographer for Gamma.

Then, she entered The Image Bank (TIB) in New York in 1977.
Art directors and agents in France were suddenly interested by her work. That’s the beginning of a fairy tale. This made her access an international car advertising photography career for eleven years, making campaigns for General Motors, Porsche, Honda, Audi, Mercedes, Rover, Peugeot, Citroën...

She left TIB in 1984 to join TOP/Rapho in Paris.
While she was still working in the advertising field, she travelled a lot, getting assignements to illustrate various international compagnies annual reports. as well, she also contributed to “ Connaissance des arts ” “Figaro Magazine”, “Maison et Jardin” and others Condé Nast group magazines during six years.
In 1992 she decided to take a break and after a while, instead of coming back to this hyperactive life, she got involved in an other adventure : to become a Gestalt-therapist. And she has now been one for the past seventeen year until the end of 2015.

Nowdays, retired in Brittany as Gestalt-therapist, but still a freelance photographer, with no longer any agency to support her work since february 2010 (Eyedea bankrupt, including Top-Rapho) she is no longer shooting on assignements, just for oneself, she works on personnal projects, making exhibitions, giving workshops (ateliers) .

ILIONA (Catherine Loury)

2016 12 30